To: Friends, Supporters and Alumni of the Harambee Foundation

I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank all of you for the part that you have played over the years in various forms for the Harambee Foundation. We recently had the opportunity to return to the Grace of God Children’s Center in Kaptagat, Kenya and met with some of the young people that have received support through the Harambee Foundation. It was a real blessing and also something that we felt was important enough to pass on to all of you.

Looking back at our conversation that we had with our team in 2012 about possibly going over to Kenya, we never would’ve envisioned what has come from the initial group of people that made the trek to the Grace of God Children Center (run by David and Laurel Cheromei) in Kaptagat. Since that initial trip in 2012 there have many students from our team at UCCS as well as students from other universities who have traveled with the Harambee Foundation to Kenya who have contributed to impacting the lives of people from halfway around the globe.

Between sponsoring 47 students through high school, paying seven teacher’s salaries for a year, helping finance a college scholarship as well as purchasing cows and goats, venturing into the Kenyan coffee business (among other fund-raising activities over the years including road races, Kenyan dinner nights and such) there have been many people along the way who have played a role in changing the future for countless families and generations through the opportunity for a young person to attend high school.

Of the 47 students who have gone through the program, we are now down to our final 20 who will graduate in the fall of 2019 (the Kenyan school year goes from January through November). Of those 47, some have gone on to attend college, universities or trade schools that otherwise would not have been possible.

One of the recent graduates that we got to spend time with on our recent trip was Caroline. When Caroline originally applied to be a recipient of a Harambee Foundation scholarship for high school, her main purpose and passion was to be able to eventually attend Seminary school and minister to people, especially young people in her country. To put Caroline’s situation into perspective, she is one of 11 children and of the five who are sisters she was the only one to graduate from high school. And on Monday she officially started Seminary School in Kenya. I can safely say that she already has had an impact on those around her and she is passionate about the opportunity that she now has to minister to others in need. The bottom line is that you have helped a person who is helping people that you will never know and that is what our world needs a lot of!

Since 2013, the Harambee Foundation has sought to lift children in Kenya out of poverty by providing kids with access to a quality high school education. However, due to recent reforms in the Kenyan education system – including recent annual education funding increases of 33.3%, significantly more Kenyan children are earning a high school degree through Kenya’s government funded school system. Annual high school attendance recently increased by 9.7%, bringing total high school enrollment to 62.9%.

While high school graduation rates have improved in Kenya since we first created the Harambee Foundation a few short years ago, were it not for your contributions, 47 children like Caroline would have missed their opportunity to earn a high school degree over the past few years.

The Harambee Foundation and the kids we have served will always be grateful for your contributions, volunteer hours and support over the past few years.

Though the Harambee Foundation will be wrapping up its efforts in Kaptagat this year with the class on 2019, our partners at the Grace of God Children’s Center will continue their efforts to care for the children of the orphanage, provide elementary school education and other services to the community of Kaptagat.

For those that would like to know more about the Grace of God Children’s Center and may be interested in being involved with what they do as well as the continued construction project of their current expanding primary school and future high school then here are two links with information below.

You can also contact the Director David Cheromei directly at:

Thanks for your time, energy and support.

Have a good one,

The Harambee Foundation