First Update - Amsterdam to Nairobi

Hey everyone!!

Our first group of Brian Marshall, Abby Topper, Devyn Palm-Trujillo, Christo Clements and Derek Tao departed from the US around 9 PM, and landed in Amsterdam just past 1 PM. We dropped off our bags, and met up with Luke and Madi after a couple hours of exploring downtown Amsterdam. Afterwards, we boarded our next flight around 9 PM local time and flew into Nairobi, landing around 6 AM local time.

When we picked up our bags, we had some issues regarding bringing in our donations, as the staff wanted us to pay for the bags and acquire a recommendation from the Treasury. Nevertheless, we were able to resolve this, exchange our money for shillings, buy a sim card, and head over to the domestic terminal. From there, we flew to Eldoret, landing around 11:30 AM local time. We got picked up and drove to the orphanage, arriving around 1 PM. The rest of the first day was spent with glorious naps, milking Harambee, playing with the kids, and eating our first solid meal in 42 hours. 

The next day, we woke around 5:30 AM to walk the kids at the orphanage to school. It was about 3 miles to the school, yet time passed by rather quickly as we strolled through single tracks in Kaptagat under the Kenyan sunrise. After walking the kids to school, we walked around the school for a bit, then headed back for breakfast. Today has consisted thus far of running with small Kenyan children, more glorious naps, riding a van with about 20 random Kenyan people, and coming to a cyber cafe in Eldoret with the world's slowest internet. Hope you guys enjoy our first update! Stay tuned, as we plan for more adventures, including buying the kids pizza and Russian Roulette with Jelly Beans.

-Ya Boi Derek Tao and Ya Girl Devyn Palm-Trujillo

P.S. Christo is the first to earn a Kenyan nickname. The children at the orphanage have named him, "Mandevu," which means "Long-Haired." It is also worthy to note that Christo also looks like Jesus to the kids, so some of the kids also call him "Jesus Mandevu." Stay tuned to see if the rest of us get Kenyan nicknames.