Second Update - Shenanigans at the Orphanage and Bridge Building

Hey everyone!!

While posting the previous entry, the second group, consisting of Lauren Linscott, Evan Verbal, Alyssa Wendt, Cambria Magnusson, Brooke Genovese, Molly Klotz, Kelli Palizzi and David Kimaiyo arrived in Kaptagat.  That evening after picking up a few groceries in Eldoret, we arrived back at the orphanage via a very crowded van driving at slightly unsafe speeds. Some things that we have done since the previous update included checking out a really cool waterfall with the kids, as well as buying some pizza for the orphanage. We've also played soccer with the kids, who are really quite ridiculously good at it. Devyn has also earned a Kenyan nickname, which translates to "little person."

We also helped out with building a bridge with some community members of Kaptagat, which involved carrying a lot of rocks and logs, lots of arguing in Swahili, random river crossings by motorbikes and cows, and a dude showing up with a chainsaw. Eventually, we got the bridge put together, and afterwards, Kimaiyo and Luke both said some words to the community members. After lunch, we came to Eldoret to update the blog again.

Luke Dakin and Madi Neher will be departing for Nairobi to return to the United States tomorrow, and then on Monday, the group will be headed to Iten. Stay tuned to hear about our next update of the trip!!

- Ya Boi Derek Tao and a little bit from Ya Boi Christo Clements

P.S. In the previous blog update, it was stated that the cow Mark Misch was milked. That is incorrect, as it was Harambee who was actually milked. This correction is reflected now in the previous blog update.