Grace Family Educational Centre

The Harambee Foundation has approved construction of a new high school, called the Grace Family Educational Centre, outside of Eldoret, Kenya. 


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The boarding school will house 240 students per year in the dorms. The classrooms and science labs will be fully equipped with the tools that the students need to learn and prepare for the world beyond graduation. Students will have the opportunity to compete in cross country, track, soccer, and volleyball at the school's athletic facilities. 

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How Important is a high school education?

In Kenya, much like in the United States, a high school education is a gateway to future employment opportunities and potentially a higher education. Unlike the United States, high school is not free. High school on average costs $660 per year and costs continue to rise. 43% of Kenyans live on less than $1.25 per day, making a high school education out of reach for many Kenyan children living in poverty.


Sponsorship program

The high school will be self-sustaining and will be funded by school fees paid by the families of our students. However, the Harambee Foundation will select children from the poorest families in the region, but have showed academic potential, to attend the school for free. This program will provide a bright future for children in need.